Should you avoid PPPoker?

In the recent past, some serious allegations were thrown against the mysterious poker app.

The private, hidden poker clubs offered by the Asian poker apps are in the middle of the attention of the poker community. These sites promise players with the easiest competition even on the higher stakes, and many have tried their luck in hope of a big payday.

However, the way these sites work raised concerns in many players, some of them stating that these apps are basically Ponzi-schemes, aiming to steal player funds.

A number of players posted on the biggest poker forum about PPPoker and NewYorkPokerKing stealing their money, some stating $60,000 in player funds are missing.

Some serious allegations right there

In his latest video, famous poker pro turned Youtuber, Joe “ChicagoJoey1” Ingram went deep into the subject, investigating these poker rooms.

Find out the truth about these sites in the below video:

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