Gus Hansen Instagram page is gold

The ‘Great Dane’ has been giving insights into the mysterious world of high-stakes cash games during the entire summer.

The world of high-stakes poker is always surrounded by myth and conjecture. Even more so, when it comes to cash games.

Players who play the high-profile tournaments don’t have many options to hide in the shadows, but as the cash games are usually played behind closed doors, every opportunity to get a glimpse of the sky-high stakes is priceless.

Long-time poker pro and high-stakes gambler, Gus Hansen is a familiar face for anyone who follows the poker world. Gus is also a regular at the big cash games, played at the legendary Bobby’s Room in Bellagio Casino.

It looks like Gus has explored social media in the recent past, as he started posting on a daily basis to his Instagram page, about his everyday life, which can also be seen as a diary of Bobby’s Room.

Average Joes are prohibited to take pictures inside the room – if they even get to enter – but Gus is definitely not one of them and we can only be pleased about this.

Whether it’s a funny picture or a short clip, Hansen never gets tired, the posts keep coming.

He even made his own motto become a legendary phrase amongst poker fans and indeed, “it’s been a great summer”!

Just another day at the office.

They come to play – every day!

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The legendary Phil Ivey is back.

You can lose your shirt in this game. Literally.

When they clean you up in Bobby’s Room and you literally lose your shirt

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Never forget to release stress.

When you get knocked out of the Main Event it’s very important to keep your mind occupied

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All we can say is: thank you, Gus, for the great summer!

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