Have a gambling problem? Use this nasal spray!

Finnish researchers are testing a special nasal spray, designed to reduce gambling addiction.

As The Guardian reported, a group of Finnish researchers are about to test the special product. Their unique trial will include 130 volunteers. Half of them will get the treatment for three months, while the other half will get a placebo.

The spray contains naloxone, which is commonly used as an emergency treatment in opiates overdose cases – such as morphine or heroin. It prevents the human body to produce pleasure-inducing dopamine.

“The spray goes to the brain in a few minutes so it’s very useful for a gambler … if you crave gambling, just take the spray,” – professor of addiction medicine, Hannu Alho reportedly told The Guardian.

According to a recent report gambling-addiction is a problem for 2.7% of Finns between the age of 15-74. Young adults (25-34) are even more endangered as the number within this age group is even higher, 4.1%. More than half of those who suffer from gambling problems (56%) gamble on a daily basis.

The gambling industry regulators reported last year, that in the UK more than 2 million people are affected by gambling issues.

These numbers clearly show the need for the treatment, so let’s hope the tests show positive results. Until then, always keep in mind: gamble responsibly.


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